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Coke Oven

Visit a Beehive Coke Oven

Beginning in 2006, the Dunbar Historical Society had a vision to build an authentic coke oven to honor those who worked in the coal and coke industry in this area. That vision was realized on May 1, 2010, when the coke oven was dedicated The newly constructed coke oven was built from original unused bricks and materials found at the Shamrock and Shoaf Coke Works located right here in Fayette County. The coke oven was constructed by society members and volunteers including mason Barry Pritchard of the Salient Angle in Masonry. Pritchard volunteered to oversee the project and completed much of the building process.

The beehive coke oven is a marvel to see and sits proudly in the park area across from the Dunbar Historical Society Center at the center of town. At the DHS center, visitors can view a coke oven schematic and display of the materials used to build the oven, see a documentary slide show and photo album of the building process. The society also has dozens of albums containing Dunbar area photos and memorabilia. Included this year are materials from the Dunbar Township areas of Morrell and Leisenring. The “Dunbar Coal and Coke” program is available for local groups to see how coke is made and includes vintage pictures of the Dunbar coke ovens. Contact us if you are interested in bringing a group for the program. Cost is minimal.

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