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Enjoy the Views of the Dunbar Creek

Ask anyone in Fayette County, Pennsylvania where seasoned anglers go to fish and undoubtedly, Dunbar Creek will be mentioned. Winding its way from the beautiful Dunbar Mountains through the heart of Dunbar Borough, Dunbar Creek is a beautiful fishing stream that flows into the Youghiogheny River near Connellsville.

Once considered a marginal stream, due to acid run-off and pollution, the creek has once again come to life through the efforts of local conservation groups, who have worked to clean it up and bring it back to pristine condition. The entire length of the creek boasts beautiful scenery. For visitor’s coming into Dunbar by car or trail, one cannot miss Dunbar Creek which runs through the center of town. The Dunbar Historical Society’s Coke Oven Park has bench seating that permits visitors a peaceful setting to view the creek and enjoy some refreshments.

Why not take a leisurely ride to Dunbar, the “Gateway to the beautiful Dunbar Mountains” and see for yourself the scenery of the creek? Stop and take a look at the beehive coke oven, visit the Dunbar Historical Society Center, take a ride or walk on the Sheepskin Trail. Visitors can then continue their visit through the mountains to such destinations as Ohiopyle, Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, Nemacolin Woodlands and Fort Necessity. For more information on the Dunbar Creek, visit Gary Sherwin’s Dunbar Creek Project website.

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