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History of Dunbar

Settled in the 1790’s, Dunbar was incorporated in 1883. Originally called Frogtown, the name was changed to Dunbar City and finally Dunbar, but no one seems to remember when this happened.

The town was named for Colonel Thomas Dunbar, who was in charge of the 48th Regiment of Foot during the undeclared French and Indian War. Along with General Edward Braddock, Dunbar came to America in 1755 to help regain Fort Duquesne. His camp was located at present day Jumonville.

It was toward the end of these turbulent times that Isaac Meason started his Union Furnace #1 circa 1793. This marked the beginnings of what would become Dunbar’s lifeblood over the next century or so. Drawn to Dunbar by the prospect of work, the fabric of the community was and still is an ethnic-rich and financially diverse town.

As the iron was moved from the furnace to the creek near the former Bowest Railroad yard, Connellsville Street became the main road through town. It was along this road that many of Dunbar’s businesses sprang up. The remaining buildings stand as a testament to a more prosperous time.

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