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Dunbar Historical Society

  • Burchinal, Beryl Modest
         Spiral-Bound Compilation for the Following:
         1. St. Johnís Evangelical Lutheran Church, Springhill Twp.
         2. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cheat Haven
         3. Tombstone Inscriptions
         4. Addendum: Possible Burials
         5. Cemetery Rules and Regulations
         6. Copy of Deed for a Lot to Henry Jennings from St. Johnís
         7. Gans Cemetery and Gans Homestead
         8. Additional Proof of Death Dates

  • Burchinal, Beryl Modest. Original Pt. Marion Cemetery: 1900-1995
         1. Tombstone Readings and Addendum
         2. Pt. Marion Old Cemetery
         3. Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery

  • Burchinal, Beryl Modest. Old Frame Cemetery Nicholson Township, 1995
         1. Tombstone readings
         2. Addendum

  • Burchinal, Beryl Modest. Records of Wolf Creek Cemetery, Greene County PA. 1998
    Located in Dilliner, Greene County area across the Monongahela River from Pt. Marion. Incorporated November 12, 1877.

  • Burchinal, Beryl Modest and Donald Lee Robinson. Mt. Moriah Presbyterian Church (Georgeís Creek). Ca. 1774-1952
    Located near New Geneva, Springhill Township, Fayette County, PA. 1995

  • Fayette County Pennsylvania Cemetery List of Veterans Vol. 1 and 2

  • Fayette County Cemeteries
         Records for the following cemeteries (Donated by Marilyn Martin Tolentino Foster)
         1. Mount Auburn in Dunbar Township
         2. Franklin in Dunbar Township
         3. St. Aloysius Church in Dunbar Township (Large computer printout)
         4. Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church in Dunbar Township
         5. Park Place Cemetery in North Union Township
         6. Fayette Cemeteries by Rose Yaniga
         7. Little Redstone Methodist Church Cemetery Records

  • Johns-Liston Cemetery Album
    Album of gravesite photos, presented to the DHS byJarrod Whoric for his Eagle Scout Project. The cemetery is located Gamelands #51 in Dunbar Township. Photos of presentation included.

  • Miller, Kathryn Cooley. Fayette County PA Gleanings. Closson Press, 1990
    A volume of death records dated 1891-1947 from Uniontown Newspapers dealing with Families from the following areas: Fairchance-Smithfield PA; Cemetery Records from SW PA and few from Eastern WV and Cemetery Records (pp60-86) are complete from Farmington-Ohiopyle area donated by Sonia Cesarino.

  • Miller, Kathryn Cooley. Some Fayette County Pennsylvania Cemeteries
         Table of Contents
         1. Maple Grove, Fairchance
         2. White Rock, near Fairchance
         3. Mountain View, Brownfield
         4. Mount Moriah, Smithfield
         5. St. Josephís, Fairchance
         6. Tent Church, Near York Run
         7. Brownfield, Smithfield
         8. IOOF, Smithfield
         9. Oak Hill Baptist, Old Frame
         10. Mount Moriah Presbyterian, Point Marion
         11. St. Johnís, Uniontown
         12. Grace Episcopal, near Searights
         13. Woodbridge, Rubles Mill
         14. Springhill Furnace, near White House
         15. Greendale, near Masontown
         16. Jacobís Lutheran, Masontown
         17. Fairview, Masontown
         18. Ashbel, Masontown
         19. Stone Church, New Geneva
         20. Cedar Grove, New Geneva
         21. Oak Grove, Morris Crossroads
         22. Brick Church, Morris Crossroads
         23. Miller-Sisler, Haydentown
         24. Christian Church, Haydentown
         25. Jennings, Haydentown
         26. Lowe, near Haydentown
         27. Swaney, Haydentown

  • Mill Run Baptist Church Cemetery, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

  • Salem View Cemetery, New Salem, Fayette County, Pennsylvania