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Dunbar Historical Society

The Dunbar Historical Society is indebted to all those who have so graciously donated books, genealogical and historical information, artifacts, audio-visual materials and memorabilia to the society. We wish to extend a special “thank you” to Marilyn Martin Tolentino Foster who has donated her books and all of her years of genealogical research to the society including her Pathfinder series of indices to historic books and binders full of obituaries. Included in the Dunbar Historical Society research materials are 85 albums of photos and family-specific binders, scrapbooks and audio-visual materials. Researchers are encouraged to visit the center at 42 Bridge Street in Dunbar, PA. Click Here for Contact Info!

Below is a listing of the major materials available for review, research and reference at the DHS Education Center. We are user-friendly and welcome researchers. We do not, however, offer genealogical services. We do respond to email requests for information but due to staffing issues we cannot do in-depth research. Visitors are welcome to schedule a visit. Our email address is: We accept appointments to open for those who plan to visit the area. Our phone number is 724-277-8800 (voice mail).

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