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Sheepskin Trail

Bike the Sheepskin Trail

The Sheepskin Trail officially opened in May 2008. The 2.1 mile Sheepskin Trail connects to the Great Allegheny Passage at Wheeler Bottom near Connellsville and enters Dunbar Borough next to the Dunbar Historical Society. There is a comfort station on Railroad Street and trail parking one block from the Historical Society and exercise equipment across the trail from the comfort station.

This part of the Sheepskin Trail is the first leg of the 32-mile long trail which will continue through the center of Fayette County to Point Marion. It will connect to the West Virginia Rail-Trail System at the state line.

Riding the Sheepskin Trail will give visitors the opportunity to visit the Dunbar Historical Society's Education Center on Saturdays and see a beehive coke oven at the DHS Park across the street from the trail entrance. Dunbar walking route brochures are available at the center for those interested in learning about Dunbar’s historic buildings.

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