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Seated Torso Annex

Visit The Pascal Annex See the Largest Piece of Carved Glass in the World

Visitors are invited to visit the newly opened Pascal Annex, a new addition to the Dunbar Historical Society building. Pascal, who wanted to carve glass with hammer and chisel, finally found the glass she could carve. It was in the closed PA Wire Glass Company in Dunbar, Pennsylvania. She came to town around 1961 and found a floor covered with huge pieces of glass. She also found a 4000-pound piece of solid glass left in the furnace inside the plant. Purchasing all the glass, she was able to accomplish her life’s dream of carving glass. In addition to being a glass sculptor, she was a painter and steel sculptor, her greatest achievement being her 2,800-pound "Seated Torso." Sold in 1994, to John Kluge, for $3 million dollars. It was the center of a fountain at his winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. When he died in 2010, the Trump family purchased the winery and donated the "Seated Torso" to the Dunbar Historical Society. An annex had to be added due to the size and weight of the piece. It is now back home in Dunbar...60 years after it left the glass plant. From the industrial to the cultural, Dunbar folks are thrilled to have it back home. See the slide show on the homepage. Come and visit us.

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